Saying Goodbye

Graduation makes us happy, and also kinda sad!

Watching my youngest son go up on stage to get his high school diploma, I was suddenly overwhelmed by a tidal wave of emotions. I was proud, happy, sad, relieved, and excited all at the same time.

My youngest son just graduated from high school, and honestly, I am still trying to make sense of everything I'm thinking and feeling. You see, K went to the same school that his older brothers did, and stayed there from preschool to high school. So when it was his turn to have his first day of school, he was nervous not at all. In fact, he was very excited to finally have his own set of books together with a big bag and a lunchbox.

K grew up, and the school grew right alongside him. What started out as a quaint, little preschool became a big one with another building for the high school teens. The teachers and principal I came to know and love. Every time I'd drop by, they'd always have a story or two to get me smiling. I came to know his friends as well, good kids who threw themselves in their projects and gimmicks! To say that my son enjoyed his time in school is an understatement. He had a blast! He got involved in all sorts of activities: field trips, camping trips, school plays, and musicals. He went to dances and proms, sleepovers and game nights.

High school is awesome! Sometimes I wish I could go back to being a high school student when all you had to worry about was waking up early and getting to school. Back then, my biggest problems were: how to get my crush to notice me, how to ace that pop quiz, and how not to fall asleep in class no matter what happens! It's so surreal that my little brother has already graduated from all these and in a few years, he'd be, like, a man!!! Wow!!!

The school was all dressed up for the graduation ceremony, and just the thought of not seeing these kids together again had me welling up. Erika and I would laugh every once in a while at some inside joke, but in truth, I was just all mushy inside. It's not every day that your youngest child says goodbye to high school, and says hello to college. I could almost see the finish line, and I am both excited and nervous at what that means.


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