The Amazing Race

Girlfriends make us incredibly happy!

The other night, I went out with my high school friends. R was in town from California, and it was as good an occasion as any to recount the good old days, to try to remember who went to the prom with whom, who bullied whom, and if Miss Sexytary really did get it on with one of the school administrators! Precious!

We also reminisced about the road trip we took all the way to Tarlac: from Alabang towards NLEX, onto SCTEX, exiting at Hacienda Luisita, eventually stopping in a faraway barangay. I had gone to this scenic hilltop retreat, our ultimate destination, a couple of times before. It was always during the summer, and we were able to drive on up atop the hill. But it had been raining the past few weeks, and so, we were told that we had to ride a banca, hop on a tricycle, and get on a kalabaw! Wait, did you say kalabaw? I asked my friend who owned the place. Yes, kalabaw!

And there is the kalabaw, which we thought was too small to carry us all! The road up the hill was wet and muddy, and halfway up a steep incline, the kalabaw lost its footing, and some of us almost fell off the cart! It was hilarious! There we were a group of fortysomething women screaming our lungs out in the middle of the boondocks. Mwahahaha 

Eventually, A and C got off the cart, and walked all the way up the hill to this peaceful retreat...

We were welcomed with a filling lunch of sinigang na buto-buto and pritong tilapia. The fish was fresh and tasted oh so good. Later on, we would drink wine, go swimming, and squeeze ourselves onto two big beds, all seven of us grownups, because we had scared ourselves silly with ghost stories. It was like high school all over again! Mwahahaha


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