Christmas Stories

Christmas makes us oh so happy!

There is a scene in The Babadook which had me thinking, "Oh, girl, I can totally relate!"

After being up all night, all Amelia wanted to do was go to sleep. But just as she was about to doze off, her son goes up to her, saying that he's hungry. Right there and then, Amelia, who was a single mom who lost her husband in a horrific accident and who has had to deal with a particularly "lively" child and the specter of some unknown possibly haunting their home, lost it and growled: "Well, you can just eat shit!"

Oh, it was lovely! I remember the countless times that I've found myself on the verge of exhaustion, and all I wanted to do was fall asleep but just can't; somebody had to cook, or clean up, or fold the laundry. Somebody.

Why am I talking about a horror movie on the last day of the year?! Well, it's just that the past few days the kids and I have been spending our days eating, sleeping, and watching one movie after the next, just the kind of lazy holiday you need to wash away the busyness of the past year.

I tell my kids that I could understand why Amelia growled the way she did. She was just overwhelmed, and I was just like her.

And now, they ask, how are you now?


So here, our Christmas stories...

After dropping off my sister B and her hubby at the airport, on our way home...

E: I got Sophie three gifts.
J: Nice!
E: She loves opening presents. She gets really excited.
J: She's going to love my present. It's Barbie, but not the doll. It's like a paper doll with stickers.
E: Is this the notebook with the hologram on the cover?!!
J: Yes!
E: I got her the same thing!!

At the car, on the way to the hotel...
E: Sophie, we're going to see Santa later.
S: Mom, he's just a man in a costume. The real Santa is up in heaven with Papa Jesus.

At the lobby, we all gathered around Santa Claus as he called on the kids to receive their gifts. Sophie was particularly quiet, which was a far cry from her usual bubbly self. At the dinner table, after Sophie was finally called....
E: Sophie, why were you so quiet earlier?
S: I was afraid that I wasn't going to be on the good list.
Na-stress pala ang bata!

At the room...
K: Can we bring this home? (referring to the comfy comforter)
J: We'd have to bring the aircon too!
K: Sige!

At the pool...
S: Lula, I want a pool in our house. I want a hotel in our house. Can our house be a hotel?
J: Ah, okay, Sophie.

At home, watching The Babadook with all the lights turned off, we eventually found ourselves all lumped cozily together.
E: Oh, ang init na! Andito na pala tayo lahat! 

Happy holidays!


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