I Survived My Date with a Six-Year-Old

We love Art in Island!

I was working in my room when Sophie came up to me and said, "Lula, I have a new song." 

"Okay, let me hear it," I said.

But my response was automatic, schooled by years of raising four children who all wanted my attention at one point or another [But now, not so much anymore, and I don't exactly know whether I feel good or bad about that. But that's for another post hehe]. 

"Lula, stop working and just listen to me!" Sophie exclaimed, putting both of her hands on my face, the better for me to see her. 

At that moment, I felt guilty instantly. So I closed my laptop, and listened intently for the next few minutes. And of course, her singing was lovely [Geneva Cruz's Kailan, if you must know!].

After that, I resolved to spend as much time with her as I could. And so, when Jolly Cow invited us to their mom and kid event, which would have us going to Art in Island in the morning and watching Inside Out in the afternoon, I readily agreed. 

To be honest though, I was deathly afraid. I haven't taken out Sophie by myself for quite some time, and definitely not for the whole day. I wondered whether I had the strength, patience, and stamina to last me the whole day. I mean, this is an active, energetic six-year-old we're talking about!

All set to ride the happy bus! 

The excited little girl. The bus was really spacious, and the Fly Ace peeps made sure we were all comfy. For good measure, they made us taste their creamy Jolly Cow milk. I'm a milk person, and theirs was yummy indeed.

Jolly Cow invades Art in Island!

Art in Island is a really cool place. And at first, I tried to join her in her poses. But after awhile, I got a bit tired. 

"Lula, let's go!" Sophie told me as she half-dragged me to the next artwork.

"Sophie, we don't have to run. We have plenty of time."

"But I want to have my picture taken with the dinosaur."


And so it went... for hours!! 

But she was such a good poser that I cannot not take her pictures. 

Isn't she adorable??!! 

Spoken like a true Lula.

By the time we reached the cinema, after lunch, I had lost my steam. I just cozied myself on one of the big sofas at the lounge of Gateway's private screening room while Sophie made friends with the other kids and started running around. If I don't have any photos after our Art in Island jaunt, well that's because I was just so very, very tired! In fact, I was so tired that one point in the movie, I snoozed! I couldn't help it! Mwahaha Feeling lola na talaga!

Fortunately, I woke up in time to see Joy and Sadness meet Bing Bong. And yes, I cried when Bing Bong faded away! 

Sigh! It was a great day! I spent time with Sophie, laughed and cried in between, and slept like a baby when I flopped down on my bed at day's end. 

I survived!


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