Life's a Beach!

Going to the beach makes us super happy!!

I didn't take care of myself all that well last year. I went from one project to another while juggling a couple of consultancy portfolios in between. It was exhausting, and I wouldn't recommend it to anyone. When you're all wrapped up in work, as workaholic me usually am, it's easy to lose sight of what's important: family, friends, life! 

And so this year, I promised that I would be kinder to myself. I started eating better last year, but then sometimes I slip and slide and drink a couple of glasses of Coke and eat a couple of bars of chocolate. I have still to get myself breaking a sweat with any regularity so I just resolved to walk whenever I could, whether it's going to the neighborhood palengke or going through the length of Ayala.

My other resolution: Go to the beach! 

I love, love, love the beach! I grew up spending many summers under the sun: swimming, making sand castles, and playing with the waves. I've had plenty of meaningful conversations by the shore, teasing my mind and enlightening my thoughts. I suppose the water gives one clarity.

And so this year: the beach! 

We spent the first working day of 2016 at La Luz Beach Resort. While the rest of Metro Manila was welcoming the year at their desks, we were playing in the water, marveling at how clear it was. Going after the holidays was a definite treat because we had the beach all to ourselves.

February found me in Natipuan Beach, also in Batangas. With me were two girlfriends, who have been my avid supporters in my journey towards a more mindful life. More focus, less stress. More joy, less tears. Again the water was clear, the sun shining, and the conversation stimulating. Fun!

See you at the beach! You know you want to! 


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