What?! No Beer?

Beer makes us happy!

It was not a very good month for our family. A medical situation had us all in a flurry, leaving us all nervous and sad and exhausted. Erika got a big brunt of all the hullabaloo, and for days, she was just in a daze. And so, I was glad to take her out this one night for dinner. As we ate, I just listened to her many tales, hoping that the happy vibe of the place would rub off on us somehow. Her tales, however, left me hankering for some beer. But then, well, Mary Grace doesn’t serve beer! I told the waiter, “What, no beer?” And he spread out his hands and said, “Ma’am, just look at this place.” And I knew exactly what he meant! Mwahahaha

I knew Mom had to have a drink! It was only five in the afternoon, but hey! Who's judging? Haha! I went to the neighboring restaurant and asked if they sell beer, but for takeout. Since I won't be able to take the bottle with me (the Mary Grace server said that we can bring alcohol in, but discreetly), I asked them to pour it in a cup, with matching straw please!

It looked like I was sipping a smoothie! Mwahahaha Good girl!! Oh, the pizza was good!

CafĂ© Mary Grace at G/F SM Southmall, Food Street, Alabang-Zapote Rd


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