Slide On Up!

Surfing makes us happy, and also kinda tired!

When I found out that mom was going surfing, I was like, ah, okay.

I told her that we were going to be given lessons, so I wasn't really worried.

Yes, but Mom, the lessons are like: get into position, slide, TAYO! 

That's it? Isn't there like a special technique or something? A secret trick?

Nope. It's as simple as that!

So I get to La Union with the Flow girls, and get absolutely nervous. When we get to the beach and the surfer dudes start giving us lessons, it was exactly what Erika told me. Get into position, slide your way in, and get up! Get off your butt! Now!

You should have seen the look of trepidation in my face. My butt is like huge, and I'm not exactly light, so heck! How am I going to stand up on a piece of plank that's moving on water? How?! I was looking at my fellow first-time surfers and they were young and lithe and light, and oh God, they are going to kick my ass in the water! Mwahahaha

What did I do? I just stopped thinking about it. I just pushed all thoughts of possibly being hurt by the slamming waves, of not being able to stand atop that moving plank, and just started paddling. It took a good five minutes just to get into position, with me gulping a substantial amount of saltwater in the process, but when my instructor said go, I just went! Of course, I got tossed off the surfboard! Mwahahaha This happened a couple more times, at least five or six, I think, but by that time, I was determined. I've been tossed too much not to be able to conquer this thing! If I was able to give birth to four kids, none of them under six pounds, I can do this! I can do this! I can do this!

And I did!!! I felt the waves rising up from behind me, and in one fluid motion, I was able to stand up, tentatively at first, but moving this way and that until I was riding the waves. It was beautiful! :)

P.S. Too bad I don't have any photos, but Noelle caught me on video! But it's still with her! Noelle! Pretty please send me the video!

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