What Makes Gina A Happy?

A well-cooked meal makes Gina happy, among many other things! 

One of my dearest friends is an infectiously vibrant, creative, energetic lady (I'm running out of adjectives here! Mwahahaha). She doesn't only run a school, she is also one of the brains behind a rollicking bar at Cubao X, Fred's, and mom to three awesome kids. Oh, yes, she's a writer and editor too! (I got tired just writing all that!)

Anyway, in her own words, here are the things that make Gina A. so very happy!  

"A well-cooked meal; hanging out with my kids, I find them hilariously entertaining - their insights, jokes, idiosyncrasies; really good conversation, it doesn't have to be always deep and meaningful, sometimes the most inane exchanges make the most unforgettable memories; finding treasures for cheap; projects that are not only creative, but significant - stories, books, programs that open minds to bigger possibilities and experiences."


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