Counting Our Blessings

Quiet moments make us happy, and infinitely grateful!


In the aftermath of Glenda, me and my boys found ourselves clearing the yard of trunks, leaves, and branches ripped away from trees. Not only did a big branch break off from our mango tree, but half a dozen or so banana trees from our neighbor's yard found their way to our fence, wasted and destroyed. I welcomed the labor. For weeks on end, I have been hard at work, churning out a multitude of words. Even when I was on vacation, I always managed to put in some work. I just couldn't stop myself.

You see, this is the year that I've been dreading the most, the year that the three boys are all in college. Yes, not one, not two, but three KIDS... in college! For many months before this spine-tingling event, I would lie awake at night, thinking of how I will be able to manage such a feat. Fortunately, I was always too tired to do that much thinking and soon I was fast asleep! Mwahaha!

As I took the rake to the ground, my mind got to thinking once again. This time though, I was filled with thoughts of happiness and thanksgiving. We had just survived another storm. More importantly, we had survived the better part of the year, and we are all still here! F is in his last year in college, S on his third, and K is starting out life as a freshman. There are still many challenges to be faced, for sure, but for now, I want to revel in this moment when everything is sweet, and good, and well. Here's to many more moments like this! :)     


  1. Wow! Your kids are all grown up! Proud moment! I don't know how i can manage with two on my own, but look, you did so well with 4 + 1!

    1. Thanks Kaye! I am so very proud of them. They're good kids :)





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