Watching Pinocchio

Theater makes us happy!

Watching anything with Sophie is always an eye-opening experience. Just last night, we watched Maleficent together for the first time. Upon seeing the young Maleficent with the little horns, Sophie immediately said, "She's a bad girl." I tried to tell her that just because the girl had horns doesn't mean she's bad, but she wouldn't hear of it. Fortunately, by the time the story had its wonderful conclusion, Sophie had changed her mind about Maleficent. She let out a big sigh when it was revealed that it was Maleficent who was Aurora's true love. Angelina Jolie was fantastic, by the way. Love her!

When mom asked me if I would like to watch Pinnochio with her and bring Sophie, I immediately said yes. I love bringing Sophie to watch theater. As opposed to watching on screen, live theater has a different appeal to it. I've only recently appreciated it so as much as possible, I am exposing her to it as early as now.

The other week, we went to see Repertory Philippines' Pinocchio. Sophie was enthusiastic from the get-go. When the narrator Antonio asked the audience to sing along with him, Sophie was one of the loudest voices to be heard. She laughed, got scared, and expressed her opinions about every scene. When asked about who of the characters she most wanted to be, Sophie proudly proclaimed that she is actually the Blue Fairy as played by the charming Liesl Batucan. The Blue Fairy would appear and re-appear on the set, and when she re-appeared once again, Sophie said: "I'm back!" Mwahahaha

I love it that Sophie totally believed that we were indeed watching a wooden puppet. And when the "wooden puppet" finally became a "real boy," Sophie exclaimed, "It's really true magic!" Her voice was full of awe and wonder and her eyes, merry bright. It would be fabulous to believe in magic once again, if only for just one day.

P.S. Of course, we had to have our pictures taken with the cast. We were particularly happy to meet the Cat and the Fox. They were just delightful in their performance! Hats off to Chino Veguillas and Jef Flores!


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