Sophie is Six!

Chocolate cake makes us happy!

Our little girl Sophie turned six on Valentine's day. Yes, she shares the same birthday as 
Kris Aquino but it's not so bad. She's a sweet little girl who loves putting stickers on 
our stuff so that, she says, we always remember her! Teehee

Two weeks before her birthday, Sophie started a countdown. Every day, she would 
announce to all and sundry that's it just XX days before her birthday. "It's 10 days 
before my birthday!" "It's seven days before my birthday!" "It's four days before my birthday!" 
She was really excited, to say the least, as we were going to have a birthday dinner 
at a very Sophie kind of place, Vanilla Cupcake Bakery. 

We didn't have any candle for her birthday cake, which was a delicious chocolatey one, so M downloaded an app on her phone for, yes, blowing out birthday candles! Technology! Of course, the highlight was Sophie opening all her presents, which in keeping with Sophie's girlie girlie aura were all pink! She got a sticker book, a walkie talkie, a Barbie journal, and a pink Lego car!

We were all in good spirits that night, after we've had dinner. 
Above, the boys trying hard not to guffaw in laughter. 

More laughter as Sophie worked on putting her Lego car together. Oh, her birthday wish? 
She wants to be a princess!! So we all ended up calling her Princess Sophie for the night. 
Happy birthday Princess Sophie!


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