Gone Offline

Going offline makes us happy!

Mother's Day weekend found me blissfully offline. The kids and I attended the Faustos' FQ Family workshop, feasted on ramen, and watched The Avengers, which I found so visually exhausting that at one point, I actually fell asleep!!! Mwahahaha (Or maybe it's the ramen!!)

Anyway, the next day I promised myself that I would just sleep all day, and I did. And so for the whole weekend, I was offline. It was wonderful!

This reminded me of the few days I spent at Coco Grove Beach Resort in Siquijor.

It's a lovely resort with cottages set amidst lush gardens. There were coconut trees, flowering plants, and all sorts of greens everywhere. It was off season so the place was serene, quiet. We hardly saw anyone at the resort, except for maybe a couple or two, probably on their honeymoon.

But what I loved most about this resort is that there was no Wi-Fi. Well, yes, there was but only in a designated area. If you wanted to get online, you had to go to a particular spot, which is located far away from the cottages. For a workaholic like me who really wanted to take a vacation, the setup was a godsend! After all, having a cold beer at the pool bar sounds ten times more inviting than taking a long hike to Wi-Fi land. It was one of the best vacations ever!

See you offline! :)


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