What a Feast!

Buffets make us way too happy!

Mom told us not to eat too much that day. When we finally reached our destination, I found out why.

We were invited to dinner at Vikings in Mega Fashion Hall, and from what I've heard about this luxury buffet, we were going to be stuffed silly! So I told the kids to get their tummies ready!

It was overwhelming. There were just so many choices: Filipino, Chinese, Japanese, and Korean plus a whole bunch of make-your-own stations, from pasta and shabu-shabu to Mongolian. It's so unlike other buffets whose offerings are rather limited.

The boys attacked the sushi station like there was no tomorrow. They were okay, nothing exceptional, but considering the buffet price, about P888 for dinner on weekdays, they were a steal! The tempura though was quite nice, so nice in fact that the tempura station was always crowded with diners waiting for the next batch of these babies. The other station which the boys liked: the carving station with slabs and slabs of meat. Suffice it to say that nobody ate rice, but everybody had made-to-order pizza, with K filling his with strips and strips of bacon! So sinful!

I like the make-your-own-pasta station the best because I'm a pasta person. And of course, I had fun at the dessert station with the chocolate fountain!

I went for small plates, but lots and lots of them! I like the deviled eggs, ceviche, and caviar in the appetizers section; and the shrimp and mushroom tapas, with just the right amount of spice. The grill section had me going back for a round or two as there were salmon on the bone and squid head! Yes, as you grow older, you tend to look for stuff out of the ordinary, I guess. But the winner of the night: the big bottle of sake at the drinks station! It was good, and at the end of our meal, we raised our cups to a fine night of wining and dining. Yummy!


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