Well, That Was Quick!

A quick enrollment makes us very. very happy!

My youngest son K and I were totally prepared to spend the whole day in school. It was, after all, freshmen enrollment, and I remembered how it was years ago with the frazzled freshies and the long lines.

But miracle of miracles, everything was orderly and organized. I was impressed!

First off, there were big step-by-step signs all over the campus, pointing the way for excited freshies and their nervous parents. Step 1 had us going into the gym where, I quickly found out, Steps 2, 3, and 4 were also located. Yipee! But more than that, there was a waiting area for the parents, a table filled with refreshments, and a big screen showing, wait for it, Just For Laughs! (It's a gag show, just in case you don't know! Mwahahaha)

I was so happy to be just hanging around, waiting for K to finish. One of the benefits of having your kid in college: You don't need to fill out all those dreary forms yourself! I don't like filling out forms of any kind, and I particularly don't like filling out forms where I have to recall the academic history of my kids! Heck! I don't even remember what I had for lunch, let alone recall when my youngest went to prep school! So K took care of everything, as he very well should, and I was just the financier to this whole project. I was only called in on Step 4, when I had to settle the tuition! Love it! (Oh, and the most fab news: the school also offers a sibling discount! A whopping 15 percent! Yahoo!)

Step 5, the last one, had K going in front of the camera for his school ID.

In 30 minutes, K became an official member of the Class of 2014!

Welcome to college, K! You're going to have a great time! :)


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