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Walking through the booths at Expo Mom 2014, I suddenly felt a bit wistful. Why, oh, why wasn't there anything like this during my childbearing days? It would have made that particular period of my life so much easier. I could have shopped for mommy clothes here, which are both fashionable and practical, by the way, like those at Mommy Matters. I could have consulted with the folks over at Medela about my breastfeeding routine. I never had any problem with supply, but sometimes, it just gets tedious, the practice of pumping milk so I can leave some for my babes as I get out of the house on assignment. Oh, well, at least I could still shop for cute accessories; I snagged a ring made of clay in the shape of an m&m. Nice!

What I love most about Expo Mom is how it has evolved into this great big party for moms and moms-to-be. Now on its seventh year, it has become a magnet not just for mom-friendly products, but for mom-managed enterprises as well. A few years ago, I was one of the mompreneurs at Expo Mom. I had a table filled with chain accessories that I made myself. I enjoyed the few months that I spent making those babies, but they were just too time-consuming, and eventually, I let it go. Which is why I have only the utmost respect for these mompreneurs. They are the best! They take care of the hearth and home, and run businesses too! Fantastic! 

During my walkthrough, I spotted some cool finds: the Udon pillow from the same mommy who brought us Snug-a-Hug, dainty girl dresses from Princess and the Pea, a cool breast milk storage system from Kiinde, Frozen-inspired little girl accessories (which were just flying off the shelves!), different types of slings from Indigo Baby, kiddie kitchen stuff from Curious Chef, and all these onesies with witty one-liners!

It was a fun afternoon. Best of all, I got to chitchat with some cool moms, Janice, Denise, and Minnie. They're the coolest! Till next year, mommies! :)

P.S. Erika couldn't join me because, as you know, she's a mompreneur herself and had booths in two bazaars across town. Way to go, Eka!


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