Rocking the Eighties!

Eighties rock makes us happy! 

It's been two days since I saw Rock of Ages, and I still can't get these songs out of my head! It was great listening (and singing along!) to the songs I grew up with.  Oh, and it was such fun to see Jett Pangan of The Dawn having a ball as Lonny. His duet with Jaime Wilson's Dennis Dupree is so sweet and hilarious at the same time. Of course, Mig Ayesa, with his gorgeous abs, was absolutely wonderful, but really, I just loved the songs! Here are some of them. Sing along with me!! :)

We Built This City

Sister Christian

We're Not Gonna Take It!

I Wanna Rock!

I Want To Know What Love Is

Can't Fight This Feeling

Oh Sherrie

Cum On Feel the Noize


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