How to Get Happy at Media Events

Happy Skin makes us bloom in happiness!

I haven't been to a media event for quite some time. Life, I'm just bursting with too much of it these days: Sam is doing his OJT, Erika is getting ready for another store, and Sophie just graduated (more of that in a later post).

But when we received an invite from Happy Skin, well, it was hard not to go. I just love Rissa, and Erika is a fan of Happy Skin, most specially their Zit Zapper.

When I got to Le Jardin, however, I was totally thrown off guard. I'm used to the lunch/dinner followed by a program setup, but all around me was chaos. So many things were happening at the same time that I must have looked like a lost puppy! Fortunately, an angel by the name of Earth came to my rescue. She motioned for me to come to her table, and from thereon, I was lost no more.

And so, here goes, my take on how to make yourself absolutely happy during media events (because believe me, they can be quite trying at times, no matter what the photos seem to make you think).

One: Get over the program. There is no program! 
When I told Maricel Laxa-Pangilinan that I was waiting for some sort of program, she happily pointed out: "Old school na 'yan! Wala ng program, program ngayon!" And indeed, there was no program! 

Referring to the activity stations scattered all over the venue, She goes: "Have you picked your flowers? Have you had your note cards done?" I replied a negative, and she goes, "Jing! Go!"


Two: Have a partner in crime.
In my case, I had the lovely Ms Earth. We not only had a quick catch-up of our lives, we also invaded all the stations. She came in earlier so she was able to make a floral arrangement at the flower market. But by the time we went there, there were hardly any blooms left. Fortunately, we bumped into Elaine of GH. She makes for a beautiful expectant mom! 

We didn't get to have our note cards personalized though because there was a long waiting time. But we did bump into Maggie Wilson. We always seem to be bumping into people hehe.

Three: Take photos. 
Maricel says, "You have a blog? Why aren't you taking photos?" Mwahahaha

Yeah, right! Well, I did take some of them, but most are actually taken by Ms Earth, so gosh, this is probably the most photos of myself I've posted in a single blog post (I don't know how I feel about that actually, but apparently, that's how you're supposed to do it these days! Nyaha!)

Four: Mingle!
I've never made so many besos in a month! It seems everybody went to this event, so we just made chika: said hello to Kelly, whose belly is getting belly-cious; introduced myself to Rica, who we'll be shooting soon; sang happy birthday to Rissa; and told Jigs that he is as guwapo as ever!

Five: Go with the flow and have fun!
Certainly, those two hours were a departure from my everyday routine, which mostly consists of writing all sorts of thingamajigs on my HP, by myself in my room, and usually in my jammies! Mwahaha And so, while I was in the land of Happy Skin, I made sure I had myself some happy times! Toodles!

It was fun at our table, maybe because we were all madaldal moms? Teehee

Okay, Rissa is way taller than me. When I said, "Naku, ang tangkad mo." She gamely stooped a little! Mwahahaha The other blooming beauty with me here is Elaine of Good Housekeeping magazine. So nice to see her and her blossoming belly!

 On top, my partner in crime, Ms Earth, and of course, the lovely duo behind Happy Skin.
Jigs Mayuga and Lourd Ramos in one room?! Wow!!

Truth time: I could still remember the very first time I saw Maricel on television. She was introduced in this grand production number in GMA Supershow, and I remember how fierce she looked then. She's still all aglow today. And she tells me that because of that one bonggang number, she was signed up by Mother Lily for eight films! Her first: Lone Ranger with Joey de Leon and Rene Requiestas!! If you guys know what I am talking about, then bless you! If not, there's always Google! Mwahahaha

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