How to Pack: Two Ways

Getting away makes us happy; packing for trips gets us excited too!

When I go on vacations, I make a plan of what I'm going to wear each and every day. Since I know the itinerary (most of the time I'm in charge of it), I just match the outfit to the activity. I'm very particular about this; I even think of the accessories! For our Bohol trip, I went for light, easy pieces since we're going to be moving a lot.

I love my pink one-piece, so I thought it would be the perfect suit to wear for our island hopping adventure. I brought three pairs of different types of shorts (high waist dark denims, crisp white, and ripped), making sure to pair them with complementing tops: a camisole, a sleeveless top, hoodies. For our Chocolate Hills trip, I opted for a printed blousy tube which I thought would provide a great contrast to the hills' brown hues.

Of course, footwear and sunnies should be coordinated too! Haha!

I'm a last-minute packer. I usually grab my stuff half an hour before the cab arrives, and it suits me just fine. Having gone on countless trips, I already know what I do and do not need. For our Bohol trip, where my most strenuous activity would be walking to and from our hotel room, I just packed two pairs of shorts, a sundress, a couple of tops, (one of which is Erika's by the way, mwahahaha) and of course, swimwear (the plaid bikini top I got from Erika's online shop, Eika).

What I cannot live without are my sarong, this one snagged from Aldevinco in Davao, and my Lagu beach blanket, part of the loot from a Flow weekend retreat. I love Lagu! On the plane, I use it as my blanket since I fall asleep as soon as I fasten the seatbelt. On the beach, it makes for a really, really good blanket as it repels sand. Everything fit in one duffel bag! Coolness!


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