Loving the Sensei

Chef Bruce makes us happy!

The Tijuana Maki with Jing's favorite, Senseiviche

The entrees are served with cups of hot tea

Slivers of perfectly cooked steak with slices of fried potato

The Senseiviche, another view

Since Erika introduced me to Sensei Sushi last year, I've taken to going there every chance I get. Sensei Sushi is a hole-in-the-wall Japanese fusion restaurant in BF Homes, Paranaque. It's run by Chef Bruce, whom I heard is a relative of the actor Ronnie Ricketts. I fell in love with their Senseiviche. It's white fish, cilantro, and some other sauces with a fresh, sweetish taste served on a sliver of taco and it is absolutely delicious! I could eat it all day, if you ask me.  

We celebrated Sam's birthday there last year, and it turned out to be a lot of fun. The boys are fond of sushi, so we basically ordered plates of whatever was available: Tuna and Crispy Scallop Dynamite, Cali Roll with Prawn Popcorn, Tijuana Maki, and Spicy Tuna. We had some sashimi and tempura as well, and the Fried Oysters. As soon one plate was served, everybody scrambled to get a piece of sushi. Boys! 

A few weeks ago, we managed to get seats at the bar. I had to have my Senseiviche, of course, but we also got some Tuna Tartare, Seafood Pasta, and Grilled Salmon Skin Maki. It was my first time to sit at the bar, and it was kinda exciting because I was able to see the chefs working. It takes a different kind of focus to work in plain sight. I mean, the place was packed and everybody was talking so, I don't know how they zoned everybody out. When we got our Senseiviche, I was surprised that it looked prettier than the ones I had previously. It tasted the same, but the presentation was just different. It was only then that I realized that it was Chef Bruce who had been working right in front of me the whole time! Mwahahaha

I hate to bother people when they're working but whenever he'd bring up a pretty looking plate, I couldn't help but ask him it what it was. And he was always friendly enough to answer. Lucky us, there was a degustacion that evening, a twelve-course meal where you get to experience the chef's culinary prowess, and we were able to see some of his creations: slivers of Japanese oysters swimming alongside gelatin made of sake and shaved iced infused with herbs as well as fresh cuts of fish served with cubes of vacuum-sealed watermelon. Oh my!

I know how much mom loves Sensei Sushi, so I decided to treat her to dinner there for her birthday. Last week, we went home together, and since it was still early, I said we could have dinner together. I knew she was going to say Sensei Sushi; we had been planning to go for the past few weeks but something always came up.

My mom was absolutely excited to be back to a place she loves, and I just asked her to order whatever it is she wanted. I even insisted we get the Half-Baked Chocolate Cake. When she found out that it was going to be my treat, she let out a sweet smile and a big thank you. It was nice to make her so happy. Happy birthday, Mom!

So sweet! Thank you, Eka! :)


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