The Girls of Sola Musica

Young love makes us happy!


"He didn't say anything. He just began strumming along with her. As she cocked her head to listen, she realized he was playing her song too. And he was humming along and blending with her. Something overtook her as she continued to play and sing, even louder than before, confidently, boldly, passionately. There was no room for embarrassment. The music seemed to engulf them in its power, taking them beyond the sand, beyond the steady crashing of the waves, and beyond the fact that they were a boy and a girl who were total strangers."

Reading this passage by Ines Bautista-Yao from Sola Musica, I am reminded of all the lazy afternoons I spent with Sweet Dreams. A series of young adult novels, Sweet Dreams was a hit among us teenagers in the eighties. P.S. I Love You, Love Match, The Popularity Plan--these were the titles that I grew up with.  Things were simpler then. You go to school, fancy some guy, and hope to high heavens that he'd give you a smile, I remember having a crush on a windsurfer when the sport was just beginning to gain ground, and thought, 'Wow, he's so cool!' Ah, those were the days!

And so, going through Sola Musica was refreshing for me. It's the kind of read I'd sidle up to on a particularly dreary day when all I want is some sunshine and happiness. What's even better? They're written by young Filipinas! Thirty years ago, the thought of reading such a book by a Filipino would have been unimaginable. Today, it is possible, and I daresay that they read even better than those penned by writers from foreign lands. As I went through every word, I could not help but feel proud of these four ladies-Mina Esguerra, Chinggay Labrador, Marla Miniano, and Ines Bautista-Yao-who came up with these precious stories of love and life, dreams and hopes, and all the longings of yesterday and all the joys of today.

The lovely ladies answering their fans' queries and signing books.

Ines, the author in glasses, used to be my cubicle mate in Summit, and it was great to see Summit girls Mimi and Koko. 

Want to get copies of Sola Musica? Send Ines a message. She's on Twitter @inesbyao


  1. where can I buy this book?

  2. Hi! You may contact one of the authors, Ines Bautista Yao, at or She's also on twitter: :)





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